Mechanical and electrical installations will deteriorate if they are not properly maintained. Planned preventative maintenance can reduce the risk of systems failing, extend the life of your assets and ensure your systems operate as efficiently and effectively as they should. Certain inspections are required by law to ensure the safety of your systems.

Our team work with you to design an appropriate planned maintenance schedule to cover all your electrical and mechanical systems. Some of our services include:

  • Periodic inspection reports (PIR)
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Emergency light testing
  • Boiler servicing and inspection
  • Fire alarm testing and servicing
  • Security alarm servicing and maintenance
  • Air conditioning inspection and servicing
  • Heating servicing and maintenance
  • Business-focussed maintenance strategy

We always aim to carry out servicing and repairs with minimal disruption to your business but there are times when assets will need to be switched off for inspections to take place. Where this is required, we will provide advanced warning so that you can make the necessary arrangements. When possible, we will arrange works to be carried out during your quieter periods and, in some cases, outside your usual operating hours.

A well-planned maintenance schedule will reduce the risk of asset failure but is never guaranteed to prevent it completely. As a Bluewire client, you can count on us to do our best to protect all your assets and keep them running safely and efficiently. If you do have an unexpected problem or breakdown, then we’ll get to you as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

As a landlord or business owner, it is imperative that your properties are safe for tenants, employees and visitors. We work with you to ensure that you are complying with all the legal requirements for testing, inspecting and maintaining your mechanical and electrical systems. We also provide all the necessary reports, documentation and records that you need.

System upgrades

Some businesses are reluctant to upgrade or change their systems because they only focus on the initial outlay. However, the savings made on energy consumption, parts replacements, emergency callouts and ongoing maintenance often cover these costs within a couple of years, sometimes even sooner. Our expert team can provide a full cost analysis, showing you how quickly you will see a return on your investment. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses upgrade their systems, become more environmentally responsible and reduce their long-term costs.

If you’d like us to provide advice on how you can improve the performance of your systems and reduce your carbon footprint, then get in touch.

Work with us

Whether you need an ad-hoc inspection, want a long-term maintenance strategy or would like a review of your systems, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us if you need a professional M&E contractor you can trust.

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